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We try to make the process simple! You choose the type of cover you want, either online or by calling us FREE on 0800 074 9132 and your price will be given.

Once you have selected your plan, one of our team will call you to arrange a visit at a convenient time for you and take the initial payment.

One of our engineers will then visit to assess your system and undertake a service if necessary. This will confirm which plan and cover is available for your appliance and system.

After the engineer has left, one of our call centre team will contact you to confirm the cover and collect the balance payment. If you wish to proceed with cover, you can choose to pay the balance in full or by monthly direct debit at no extra charge.

If you decide not to have a plan, our team will collect the balance payment for this visit. In this instance the balance will be the cost of the labour and any parts used if applicable, LESS the initial payment. Labour rates and expected timescales will be provided to you at the time of booking.

Best practice would dictate Yes. There are two reasons for this: firstly, your safety, it is important to have it checked annually to ensure it is working correctly and is safe for you and your family, no matter what the system is.

Secondly, you need your system serviced annually by a fully qualified engineer in order to protect any remaining warranty.

We cover most household appliances other than white goods – fridges, freezers, washing machines, microwaves and dishwashers.

We are also unable to repair or service gas supplies on boats.

If we have capacity, yes. You are guaranteed a call out if you have a plan. Call our team on 0800 074 9132 who can arrange for an engineer to attend.  You will be charged £XXX for the call-out which covers the first 30 minutes. This payment is taken when booking an appointment.

Ideally, its really useful for us to know what the appliance make and model are, where possible. It’s also good if you are able to advise us of any fault codes showing, or tell us what lights, if any are showing on the appliance, when you call us. Certain faults can be fixed over the phone with your assistance, reducing costs.

Once you have a service plan we will usually be with you the same day bur definatley within 24 hours. If it’s an emergency, then we will be with you as soon as possible.

We generally work on a first come first served basis. Our expert team will assess your call and needs and will prioritise accordingly. We will also advise you on what to do, if immediate action needs to be carried out, before an engineer arrives.

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