My Work Experience at Blue Flame

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My name is Ella and I am a Year 10 student at Penryn College. This week I have been taking part in ‘Work Experience’ with Blue Flame.

During my week at work experience with Blue Flame I have been involved in a variety of different aspects of the company, centered within administration and the ‘behind the scenes’ of the business, for example, finance and marketing.

There’s never been a moment during my time here (apart from lunch of course!) that I am not completing a task set by my employer. This has resulted in a realistic, busy day. This is valuable experience for the working world as I now understand the amount of work that is required in order to run a business and that the backbone of the company is sustained by many hardworking employees.

Despite the fact that some of the admin tasks are quite repetitive and could be seen as tedious, I have enjoyed completing them as it allows me to feel like an employee and that I am benefiting  the company. When my week with Blue Flame has finished, I will have learnt important lessons such as how to be more organised and efficient with my time management.  This will help me not only in future jobs but with my current school work and preparing for exams as well.

Working within administration has helped me to decide what career path I would like to follow in the future and despite the respect I have for administration employees, I think that I would prefer a more active job. I have really enjoyed my week at work experience with Blue Flame and believe that it’s a great place to work with a friendly atmosphere.