Get Ready for Wintergeddon

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Cold snap, wintergeddon, warnings of ice, chilly conditions, cold spell, Arctic cold snap – phrases that are likely to be become more frequent in the coming weeks if the Met Office’s prediction of a cold weather event comes true.

The Met Office has predicted the UK will be subject to the first icy blast from La Nina since 2010, when most of the British Isles was covered in snow.

With this in mind here’s some tips on how to keep your home warm during the Arctic wintergeddon cold snap.


Bleed Your Radiators

The simple act of bleeding your radiators gives your central heating a boost and makes them more efficient, keeps your home warm and saves you money.


Blue Flame director Paul Smith takes you through how to bleed your radiators in our easy how to video.



Install a Smart Thermostat

If we do find ourselves in the grips of La Nina you can make sure your home is warm and cosy when you get home at the touch of a button.


Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Thermostats


Simply use your smartphone to link to your smart thermostat and you can go from Baltic to tropical as soon as you walk through your front door.

Find out about our Honeywell Smart Thermostat offer here with no monthly fee!


Get Your Appliances Serviced

Having your central heating boiler serviced on annual basis gives you improved efficiency, reduces energy consumption and cuts the risk of your boiler breaking down in the middle of winter when you and your family need heat and hot water the most.


Find the right service plan for you here.


And remember if it does snow, We Do four-wheeled drives so we can still get out and repair broken boilers to help keep you warm.