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  • You want a new system


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  • You need a new heating system
  • Phone our Penryn call centre on 01326 378122  24/7, 365 days a year to book your appointment
  • One of our dedicated surveyers will carry out a site survey, discuss the best product options for you and provide a formal quote
  • Installation within 1.5 days (for emergencies, otherwise we will arrange a convenient appointment)
  • You now have heat and hot water!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, although how much will depend on the age/profile/energy rating of the existing boiler, compared to the type of boiler you are replacing it with.


For example, by replacing an old, non-condensing ‘G’ rated efficient boiler, controls and programmers with a new condensing boiler, controls, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves in a detached property could save you up to £350.00 per year from your fuel bills.


Boilers installed after 2005 will be the more efficient condensing style boilers. Therefore if you believe your boiler is older than this it will more than likely be non-condensing. If you are unsure of the age of your boiler a member of team can advise you.

Your surveyor will discuss the options suitable for your property and will advise you on what sort of boiler would work best. Most often you will either have a Combination (Combi) or Regular Boiler installed.

Combi Boilers – These boilers produce heating and hot water instantly on demand. You will not have a hot water cylinder with a combi boiler.

Regular Boilers – Heating is produced on demand but hot water is produced when the programmer tells the boiler to. This hot water is then stored in a hot water cylinder until required.

All boilers are given a ‘SEDBUK’ energy rating. This rating is an indicator of the boilers efficiency when they are used in the average domestic household.  These range from A for the most efficient boilers to G for the least efficient. These ratings can help you when choosing a new boiler for the property.   You can find out the current energy rating of your boiler by inputting the make and model of your boiler here: http://www.ncm-pcdb.org.uk/sap/pcdbsearch.jsp?pid=26

All our installation specialists are fully qualified and certified. Each team member has a full and up-to-date DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

We provide a one year, no quibble guarantee on all installations.

We are based in Penryn, cover the whole of Cornwall and support over 12,000 customers.

We have over 100 staff based in Penryn. With over 30 installation engineers we are ideally placed to support clients across Cornwall.