Top Tips – Are you ready for winter 2019?

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As snow has started to fall in some parts of the UK today (17 January), here are some top tips to get your home heating ready for winter (and save money!)


Get Appliances Serviced

Benefit to you: Improved efficiency to save money and energy consumption.



Upgrade old & inefficient systems

Benefit to you: Save money and energy




Smart Meters / or Smart Controls

Benefit to you: Easy to heat your home when you need while saving money



Bleed your radiators

Benefit to you: Radiators work more efficiently and save you money.


Our how to guide for bleeding your radiators



Draught proofing & insulation

Benefit to you: Stop heat escaping, so you save money



Sweep your chimney

Benefit to you: Keep you and your family safe, as well as save money




Compare and switch energy tariffs

Benefit to you: Use an app like USwitch to save time on comparing the market, as well as saving money. Remember to do this every year.


If you want to ensure your boiler and radiators are working efficiently, then find out more about our heating service plans.