The Day Blue Flame Saved Christmas (Dinner)

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At Blue Flame we’re trying to hang-on to our New Year resolutions and keep up the health eating challenge to shift a few of those extra festive pounds.

But while we’re tucking into our quinoa salad, we want to take you back for a few moments to 27thDecember and a story of how Blue Flame saved Christmas dinner.

We’ll let Treleigh Arms’ landlady, Nicola McBryde, pick up the story:

“It was the Friday before New Year when I detected a gas leak in the outside pipe running into the pub’s kitchen.

“Having called the emergency gas line, Wales and West sent out an engineer who claimed it was unsafe to use before cutting and capping the pipe.

“With 50 people already booked for lunch, at 10.40am I rang Blue Flame and pleaded my case to the lady on reception.

She put me on to the director and on-call supervisor, Mark Bolitho, who promised to get back to me after making a few phone calls as they were on skeleton staff over the festive period.

“This he surely did and had an engineer, John Nesbit, out to me by 11.15am who then worked like a Trojan to remove, replace and secure the new pipe.

“We had the gas back on and was cooking in the kitchen by 12.20pm!

“The relief to myself, my chef and my waiting staff who were absolutely dreading having to turn the customers away, not to mention the financial loss to my business was immense.

“What can I say? Thank you Mark, thank you Mr Engineer, thank you Blue Flame. First class service!!!

So when you want Christmas saved, remember We Do!



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