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You may have noticed via our social media channels that our website went down recently (Friday 31st August). On further investigation from our web team it appears that our website host may have fallen victim to ‘cryptojacking’. Basically, the site was been used to mine for digital currencies, such as bitcoin.

According to reports in March (2018) more than 3,400 sites, including US and UK governments, were impacted by cryptojacking. As the value of digital currency rises, it is a practice that could rise, especially as latest research indicates that bitcoin mining could consume 7.7 gigawatts of energy by the end of 2018. That is a lot of energy, and a huge energy bill.

We asked our renewables expert (and face of our Blue Flame recruitment campaign), Chris Hughes, to do some maths for us. He spent spent his lunch break channeling his inner Carol Vorderman and Johnny Ball and writing figures down in his notebook.

Here’s Chris’ initial findings…….

Based on a standard 8kW ground source heat pump (GSHP) you’d need to install 6,332 pumps to produce that much energy to power the digital currency power demands for one year. That would cost a staggering £63,320,000 to buy and install the heat pumps and heating systems. Or to put it another way, it would take one standard heat pump 6,332 years generate that much power to run a standard home (12,080 kWh). Mind blown!

You’ll be pleased to know that our web team and hosts work through the night to ensure our site was safe and running as it should be. If you have your own site it might be worth checking with your web team or host to make sure it’s okay.