Why would you go from enjoying the freedom of being self-employed to joining a company?

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“Joining Blue Flame after being self-employed has given me back my evenings and weekends, a guaranteed salary and allowed me to progress my career.”

We spoke with Blue Flame senior technical surveyor, Chris Hughes, about life after self-employment.

“I joined Blue Flame in 2015 after being self-employed for six years,” said Chris, who specialises in renewable energy.

“I worked on a renewables project that I really enjoyed and decided that this was I wanted to do with my work.

“I took the relevant training, which I paid for myself, and gained MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accreditation.

“However, the renewable projects didn’t come in as I wanted and I had to take work I didn’t enjoy in order to pay the bills.

“I also found that I was working most evenings and weekends to catch up on paperwork, while holidays were getting shorter as I didn’t want to turn work down.

“My wife and I had also had our first child, however, I was back at work straight away and missed out on paternity leave.”

After a discussion with his wife, and much thought, Chris took the opportunity to join Blue Flame as a technician in the renewables team, before gaining promotion to become one of the company’s senior technical surveyors.

Chris added: “Joining Blue Flame gave me time back in the evenings and weekends to spend with my family, it gave me a guaranteed salary without worrying about chasing customers and it helped me develop in my career.”

If you’re looking for a change from:

  • Chasing to get paid on time
  • Having all your evenings and weekends taken up with work
  • Dealing with tax and changing regulations
  • Paying for training and accreditation
  • Increased business costs

Then get in touch with Blue Flame – We Do:

✓Excellent salary package

✓Bonus scheme

✓Company pension

✓ Training support

✓Managed workflow

✓Life cover

✓Own van and work phone

✓Paternity and maternity leave

✓Local, family business

If you’re looking for a new challenge, then We Do careers for heating engineers, installers and engineers.

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