Temperatures are due to fall to -4ºC this weekend. Here’s how Blue Flame can help you stay warm

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How we tamed the Beast from the East to keep our customers warm.

  • We took 2000 phone calls in 3 days ☎️🔥
  • We logged 180 emergency breakdowns on Thursday 1 March (we normally average 30) 🚨
  • We had engineers in the office triaging issues over the phone ☎️
  • Our how to defrost condensate pipes video had over 4,000 views 🎥
  • We had engineers walk to customers to fix breakdowns 👏🏻
  • We helped rescue stranded drivers on the A30 ☃️

We are proud of each and every one of our team and their hard work battling the elements to keep our contracted customers with heating and hot water during Snowmageddon. 🏅

With temperatures set to drop to -4ºC this weekend do you have cover in place?

From just £1.50 per month you can benefit from 24 hour emergency response to ensure you have heating and hot water. 🚰

You can even sign up online! 🖥