Top Tips – Are you ready for winter?

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As Winter is coming, here are some top tips to get your home heating ready for winter!


Get Appliances Serviced

Benefit to you: Improved efficiency to saving money and energy consumption.



Upgrade old & inefficient systems

Benefit to you: Save money and energy




Smart Meters / or Smart Controls

Benefit to you: Stop heating your home when you’re out and save money



Bleed your radiators

Benefit to you: Radiators working more efficiently and saving you money.


Watch our video on exactly how to bleed your radiators



Draught proofing & insulation

Benefit to you: Stop heat escaping so saves you money



Sweep your chimney

Benefit to you: Keep you and your family safe, as well as save money



Purchase your fuel now

Benefit to you: Save money now before the prices rise



Compare and switch energy tariffs

Benefit to you: Use an app like USwitch to save time on comparing the market, as well as saving money. Remember to do this every year.


Download our handy infographic